A UK Business’s Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing & Why You Should Invest In It

If you’ve been well-acquainted with the world of digital marketing and have been trying your hand at building your own strategy for a while now, chances are you’ve become quite a bit familiar with all the jargon.

Terms, such as Search (more…)

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4 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business – What to Know

If you haven’t considered implementing social media marketing into your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of potential earnings. With over a million users on social media platforms daily, it is a treasure trove of potential customers that you can tap with the right social media marketing strategy in place. With it, not only do you have access to the audience, but you can use it to spread the word about your brand, promote your offerings, (more…)

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4 Basic Instagram Advertising Secrets for a Successful Ad Campaign – What to Know

Instagram advertising is quickly becoming one of the prime fronts of digital marketing. Its access to nearly 2.7 million users and easy-to-use software has prompted big and small businesses to grab accounts. Likewise, many have found ways to integrate themselves into the application, be it through targetted advertisements or as a gateway to their business (more…)

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Here’s Why Your Adwords Campaign Probably Needs Refining – What to Know

You have probably read about how Google AdWords can increase your reach and turn views into conversions. You have probably even launched a campaign or two. But a lot of marketing companies do not use AdWords to its fullest; some places prefer launching campaigns elsewhere because they are not getting the ROI they want.

This means you have an opportunity (more…)

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3 Keyword Tips for a Google Adword High Conversion – What to Know

Every digital marketer knows that running a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising requires time, energy, and money. For one, you have to produce ad copies, have them displayed, and do what it takes to ensure these ads are clicked for your website traffic. When the ads are clicked, you then have to pay the publisher, which means that the PPC (more…)

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