3 Reasons Why Your Instagram Ads Aren’t Doing Well & How to Fix This

When done right, social media advertising can generate a lot of sales for your business. However, this will only be true if you know exactly what you are doing. Sometimes, even the plans we’ve spent so long coming up with fall short of the results we expected. If you’re reading this article, (more…)

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Why SMEs Should Be Running PPC Campaigns – What to Know

Employing a multi-pronged marketing strategy is crucial for business longevity. Among the common marketing tactics are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Paid search, in particular, is (more…)

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How to Spot the Best Keywords for Your Website – Our Guide

An essential ingredient of digital marketing is keyword research. When done right, keywords can take your website up to speed against competitors within a reasonable timeframe. The essence of keyword research to your online presence is that it’s the main point of entry in terms of attracting visitors.

Finding the right keywords (more…)

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Why You Should Optimise Your Facebook Campaigns – What to Know

Advertising on Facebook is one thing, but optimising your campaigns is a whole other ball game. If you want your ads to be effective and to resonate with your intended target audience, you need to make an effort to continually improve them. If not, you’ll find that results will decline fast, even with a hefty advertising (more…)

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3 Ways Remarketing Can Improve Your Advertising Strategy – What to Know

Many businesses know that a website plays an integral role in lead conversion, which is necessary for gaining a step ahead of the saturated competition in this highly digitised landscape.

Seeing as modern consumers are practically desensitised on advertising and have a shorter attention span, various distractions can (more…)

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