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When done right, social media advertising can generate a lot of sales for your business. However, this will only be true if you know exactly what you are doing. Sometimes, even the plans we’ve spent so long coming up with fall short of the results we expected. If you’re reading this article, then chances are your social media advertising efforts aren’t doing as well as you’ve hoped.


That said, if you are finding that your Instagram advertising efforts are not delivering as well as they should, here are a few reasons for it and how you can address them:

1. Your ads do not have value

When you post ads on Instagram, the most crucial aspect that some businesses forget is including value for customers. Without anything value-adding, people are not going to give you a second thought and your ads are doomed to fail.


But how do you add more value to your offerings? Simple: include promotions, coupons, and other similar additions to your ads. When people see you offering something interesting, and you paired this with value-adding advertisements, it becomes more likely that the customers will move on with the buying process. However, you should not be adding promos to every single ad you pump out. Otherwise, you end up limiting its value.


2. Your ads have no story

What is the one thing every Instagram post has in common? Every post has a “story.” Without it, no one’s going to be interested in whatever it is that is posted.


If your ads only include big texts of “Get this right away” or “Purchase now,” then you’re missing the point of Instagram. Again, any post on this platform must have a story, and without one, no one’s going to care. For that reason, whenever you share an ad, tell a story with it. For example, your ad can be based on a question your audience has, with the ad answering that question. When you do this, consumers on Instagram will feel as if they are still on Instagram, instead of a mindless e-commerce platform cluttered with promos.


3. You focused on converting the audience

While your ads are supposed to be converting the audience into customers, you should never do so blatantly. Otherwise, you will receive the opposite result.


So, you will have to be a little subtle about it. You should still include strategies to convert customers, but it should not be the main focus. Instead, your ads should focus on stories, but ones that entertain potential customers. When they see that your ad is fun and exciting, they will naturally make the next move to learn more about you and put themselves up to be converted.


Apart from the three reasons we’ve shared with you about why your Instagram ads aren’t performing as expected, there are a few more that can be the cause, such as the lack of interaction between you and the community, or your Instagram ads being made like tv ads, invasive and annoying. However, with these problems identified and realized, you will soon be able to remedy your ads and get the conversions you’ve long been waiting for.

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