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Facebook has quickly grown to become one of the best ways to advertise your company on social media. With its massive reach of almost 3 billion monthly active users, that’s an impressive pool of customers your brand can access.

As an advertiser on Facebook, you’re likely interested in improving your campaign’s performance to reach more customers and generate more engagement. Although each ad account needs a unique strategy that caters to its specific needs and audience, there are some techniques you can do to check on your ad performance, like conducting an audit. It will help you understand the characteristics of your ad delivery, its impact, and numbers. Here are four audits you should accomplish that will help you improve your Facebook Ads performance:

Evaluate Your Accounts By Overview

First, evaluate your accounts at a summary level before diving into campaign-level or ad-level specifics. It’s best to optimise your ads and campaigns from an account overview, as this combines and summarises the data from the two. It’s a more straightforward way to assess and build on your strengths while addressing your weaknesses without having to analyse each campaign.

Your account overview is an excellent source of information you can use to evaluate your ad performance. It shows you the overall cost per action or purchase, cost per click, overall click-through rate, and total return on ad expenses. Knowing these will help you weed out the bad campaigns from the well-performing ones.

Understand Each Placement

Next, understand your placements and determine which ones are giving you the highest performance and the most delivery. You’ll get insight on where to focus your budget and which campaigns are most effective in well-performing placements.

For example, even though you may be focusing on Facebook ads, you might find that your ads on Instagram are performing much better. You’ll want to optimise your budget for Instagram by using dedicated campaigns that are more native to Instagram.

If you have placements that continue to underperform especially after spending a sizeable amount, you should consider discontinuing them.

Breakdown by Demographics

Next, conduct an audit that analyses your demographics. It’s essential to understand how different groups of people are responding to your ads, just like how they’re responding to ads on different placements.

With this key insight, you’ll know how to write copy that effectively captures the attention of various demographics. Although you’ll boost ad engagement and performance with specific demographics using this tactic, keep in mind this may not apply to your target demographic. If other groups of people are responding better to your ads than your intended target, you’ll want to adjust your marketing strategy.

Look at Geotargeting

If you’re running ads in several places, especially different countries, you’ll want to focus on geotargeting. This will help you determine the countries your ads are most effective in, allowing you to tailor campaigns that will capitalise on their interest and attention. You can also optimise your prices per ad to suit the countries in which they perform well, helping you save money while maximising your ads.

Geotargeting will also help you rule out countries that may hurt performance. If your campaigns are consistently underperforming at a particular location, you’ll want to consider cutting your losses and discontinuing your campaigns there.


Advertising your products and services through Facebook Ads is a great way to expand your reach, and analysing them for performance is crucial for ensuring their success. While Facebook does much of the work for you by automatically optimising delivery and targeting the best prospects, it’s vital to learn how to fit your campaigns across multiple platforms and tailor them to each of their strengths. By conducting these audits, you’ll make more informed decisions and optimise each campaign better to create a more successful ad strategy.

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