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Rapidly grow your business with our affiliate marketing services, led by our
team of affiliate experts. We can help you drive sales and revenue through
referral traffic from affiliates, who help promote your products and services
for a small commission. 

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Affiliate Marketing & The 80/20 Rule

Every business initially likes the concept of affiliate marketing.  And why wouldn’t they,  as you only pay commission on sales?  The change of perception is usually once a business has paid their affiliate network set-up fees and the sales don’t start flooding in.  There may be a trickle – but there certainly isn’t a flood to justify the initial set-up fees. 

 It is at this point that a business does one of two things. (1) leaves the campaign to its own devices and lose interest.  (2) realise that you need an affiliate specialist to create a strategy to engage the top 20% of affiliates who will drive 80% of your sales.  If you are the latter, then 408 Media is the affiliate agency for you.

Strong Relationships With Super-Affiliates

The difference when you invest in 408 Media to run your affiliate campaign is that we will create a strategy that clearly defines how we will engage with the super-affiliates.  Super-affiliates are crucial to your strategy as they are responsible for approximately 80% of sales.  

Our 15 year’s experience means we have created strong personal relationships with most super-affiliates in the retail sector, especially in home & outdoor living.  This allows us quicker access to them to sell them the value of your business, your products and create the assets they (and you) need to succeed.

How we manage your affiliate marketing strategy

Our affiliate marketing experts will find the right partners for you, to give you the best ROI. We’ll help with ad creation, banner designs for your ads, liaise with affiliates on your behalf, and provide in-depth reports on the performance of your affiliate marketing strategy.

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Taking Care Of The Day-To-Day Admin

Pre-existing relationships are half the strategy.  The other half is doing the heavy lifting of the day-to-day management of affiliates well too.   This means: 

  • Strategically selecting the correct network for your brand
  • Creating a cash-back strategy, if relevant to your business
  • Analysing product commissions to develop a structure that incentivises sales.
  • Implementing and testing your tracking.
  • Advising on the terms and conditions of paid search and social that affiliates must adhere to
  • Reviewing and removing duplicate sales.
  • Paying commissions on time
  • Advising on assets to the assets to help affiliates promote your products.
  • Monthly report
  •  Ongoing affiliate recruitment.

So if you’re looking for an agency to remove the guesswork, and the unpredictable results, contact us today to begin building your team of super affiliates.

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