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Your branding is a powerful tool that lets you attract your target audience and make your product and services instantly recognisable. To help the public perceive a certain way about your brand, you must regularly perform a brand audit. 

What Is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a process of evaluating your brand’s position in the marketplace and the way everyone perceives it. It aims to determine your strengths and weaknesses, make your brand more memorable, sharpen your image, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Why Do I Have to Perform a Brand Audit?

The way your target market views your brand impacts your competitiveness. It’s what makes you distinguishable from other businesses. 

While the perception of your brand isn’t always associated with the quality or benefits of your products and services, building a favourable image helps you be known as a trustworthy brand. It also influences the way people interact with your brand, which shapes your success.

Performing a brand audit lets you find out how your audience sees you. If you get negative opinions and discover negative press surrounding your brand, you can find ways to make sure public perception about you improves.

What Are the Elements of Brand Perception?

Everything your business does affects your brand perception, from your products and services to your logo and customer service. However, the major elements that make up your brand are the quality of what you offer, the price of your goods and services, and the value you give your customers. These elements also include your reputation, your personality or voice, the visual elements you use, your marketing stance, your target audience, and your company culture.

Aside from those, the heart of your audience’s perception is the familiarity of your target audience with your brand. It’s the reason why the way everyone views you in a specific way can be difficult to maintain, form, and change. Therefore, you must avoid having negative interactions with your customers and prospects, particularly through customer support.

How Do I Improve How Others Perceive My Brand?

The first step you have to take to improve how the public views your brand is to perform a brand audit. First, find out what perception your brand currently has. You can do this by working with a digital marketing agency that specialises in a brand audit. 

This step involves measuring multiple metrics, which lets you get a more accurate idea of what your audience thinks and says about your brand. Some aspects you have to pay attention to are your website traffic, customer and product surveys, blog comments, product and company reviews, net promoter score (NPS), and sentiment analysis on social media.

Meanwhile, if you need to conduct market research, you can reach out to our PPC agency. It involves competitor analysis and trend research.


Brand audits let you find out how your brand is perceived and helps you create strategies to influence public perception. Performing it with a reliable digital marketing team helps you have a more credible image and improves your chances of making a mark in your industry.

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