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Keeping tabs on the ever-changing social media world is a challenge.

So many new things are popping up daily, and keeping track of it all can be exhausting.

Looking for ways to incorporate social media into your business Ad campaign can be tricky, but there are plenty of opportunities.

Some platforms stand out more than others for businesses, particularly those under the e-commerce umbrella.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have become a hub for customers and brands to connect and promote products. Developing a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce can be incredible for your business.

If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to take your company to the next level using Facebook as a platform, read on and see how you can use these sites to your advantage.

Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Why and How?

Facebook is a social network that facilitates communication and sharing among individuals.

Social media has enormously impacted e-commerce, with many retailers using Facebook to drive traffic to their websites and sales via an Ad campaign.

Successful retailers increasingly use Facebook to drive e-commerce sales by creating engaging ads, targeting the right people, and monitoring return on investment (ROI).

Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce can be set up the same way as regular Facebook ads. However, some added benefits to e-commerce retailers include offering discounts and deals, driving people to a website to shop, and more.

A Facebook store is an excellent way for you to draw attention to your products and promote them to your audience. This can be done through your page, through a tab.

Facebook also has a dedicated app for e-commerce businesses and brands, which allows you to host a catalogue of products and more.

There are a few select things you’ll want to consider before creating a Facebook store and associated Ad campaign.

The biggest thing is to consider your target audience and how they shop.

What do they look like

Where do they live

How old are they?

What kind of products are you selling?

What are the very best ways to display your products?

Facebook stores are a great addition to any e-commerce business, but they require careful consideration first.

Create a Facebook Store

A Facebook store is a really great way to promote your products and drive sales.

Facebook stores easily set up and host a range of products, including apparel, accessories, electronics, books, and more.

Facebook stores also allow you to host special offers and events, which can entice customers to purchase from your store.

To create a Facebook store, you’ll need to go to your page and click “Edit” at the top of the screen.

Next, click “Create a Store,” and you’ll be guided through the steps to create a store that best fits your brand.

You’ll want to include product descriptions, images, prices, and more. You’ll also have the option of hosting an online store through Facebook or an app.

An app is a great way to host your products, create marketing strategies and allow customers to purchase and leave reviews.

Once your store is set up, you can create a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce that directs people to your page. This allows customers to browse your products and purchase them directly from your page.

Create a referral schedule or programme.

Suppose you’re already getting plenty of sales from people finding your page organically. In that case, a referral programme isn’t necessarily for you.

However, consider setting up a referral programme if you’re struggling with sales.

A referral programme is when you offer incentives, like discounts or complimentary products, in exchange for people sharing your page with their social circles.

Many apps and tools can help you facilitate marketing strategies via a referral programme and track its success. You can create a Facebook ad that encourages people to share your page in exchange for these incentives.

A Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce via a referral programmecan be a great way to boost sales without spending tons of money on advertising.

Upsell to your current customers.

You might have several repeat customers who purchase products from your page regularly.

If you have the option to add items to their cart, you may want to upsell them.

Upselling means offering them things or products that go well with what they’ve already selected.

For example, suggest coffee beans or a coffee mug if someone buys a coffee machine.

This is a really great way to boost your sales, mainly if you offer an item at a discounted price, and definitely a great step to include in a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce.

If you have an e-commerce page, you can create an ad that offers people an upsell, boosting your profits and encouraging customers to make more purchases.

Create a custom audience for people who’ve already viewed your product page.

If someone views a product page on your site but doesn’t end up purchasing it, you can create a custom audience.

This will allow you to track their behaviour and purchase intention.

You can then create a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce that targets only these individuals.

When creating an ad via marketing strategies, you’ll want to include the product they’ve viewed and any other products that would complement it.

This will allow you to upsell to people who have already shown some interest in your products.

Use the ‘interests’ field to target an audience.

If you’re selling a wide variety of different products via your eCommerce stores, such as apparel or accessories, you could create an ad that targets people based on their interests.

For example, if you sell T-shirts, you should target people who like sports, music, concerts, or artistic events.

This allows you to narrow down your audience and create a more effective ad. You can target specific people based on their interests by clicking “Advanced” and selecting “Interests.”

You can search for particular interests, like “golf” or “musical events.” Once you’ve selected the interests you want to narrow down your audience with, you can create Facebook ads for eCommerce that encourages people to purchase your products.

Use bright and catchy images.

Using bright and catchy images can help to make your ad stand out. As well as looking nice, it can also help to increase click-through rates (CTR) on your eCommerce store.

Using bright and catchy images as part of a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce to promote your products on Facebook ads can help to improve your conversion rates, as people tend to have a heightened sense of visual attention when they see something that catches their eye.

It is important to remember that CTR is how many people click on an ad compared to the number of people shown it.

Simple things like good color choice, text size, and contrast can all significantly impact; a Facebook ads agency can help here.

Clicks are the easiest way to measure success, so if you’re looking for a quick boost in sales, then using bright and catchy images could be worth a try.

But be careful to use them sparingly – they can start to look spammy if you use too many in one ad.

Build a duplicate (lookalike) audience.

A duplicate audience can be used to target those people who are similar to your existing customers.

You can create a similar audience by selecting an existing audience and clicking “edit audience.”

You can choose the “filter audience” and the “similar audiences” options.

Including this element in a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce, you can choose the number of people you want to target in the audience, anywhere from 1,000 to 5 million.

Once you’ve created the audience, you can create a Facebook ad that targets these individuals.

This can be a really good strategy if you want to expand your current customer base without spending more on ads. You can create an ad that is similar to your typical ads, only you’ll be targeting a different audience.

Curate catchy headlines and engaging copy.

A catchy headline, image, or tagline is one of the most essential parts of any marketing campaign for eCommerce and should be included in a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce.

This is because it’s what people will be first exposed to when browsing through your feed, and it’s what they will remember.

So, the right copy can make the difference between a bonafide sale and no sale at all, and this is something a lot of people struggle with and enlist a Facebook ads agency UK to assist with copy optimisation.

If you’re selling an item with a lot of moving parts, like a car or a piece of furniture, then you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your ad stands out on your eCommerce store.

Picking the right image or tagline is vital here.

It should be memorable and distinctive enough to grab people’s attention but not so attention-grabbing that it distracts from the core message of your post.

Copywriting is also crucial if you want to achieve results with Facebook ads for eCommerce.

While many tools are available for copywriting on the web (including free ones), Facebook still requires you to write actual sentences. By doing this, you can clearly convey your message, which helps with ad targeting and ad optimisation.

Pay attention to your ‘abandoned cart’ procedure.

If you have an e-commerce store, you’ll likely have an “abandoned cart” procedure.

An abandoned cart is when someone puts items in their cart, completes their purchase, and then leaves the page without making a purchase. You can track this information through a Facebook ads campaign to target these individuals.

You can select “Custom Audience” and choose “People who have added items to their cart and don’t complete the purchase.”

You can then create an ad that targets these people and encourages them to complete their purchases as part of a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce.

This can be a great way to increase sales and encourage people who have shown interest in your products to make a purchase.

Use Actionable ‘Trigger’ words in your ad copy.

Facebook ads can be a really great way to promote your product or service, but they can also be a bit intimidating.

Using trigger words in your ad can help if you need help figuring out where to start.

These are words that might elicit or trigger an emotional response from the reader, and they can help to make the ad more effective.

For example, if you’re selling shoes, using words like “get comfort now” or “your style is waiting” in your ad might be a good idea.

You could also use words like “buy” or “shop” in order to get the reader excited about buying your product.

By using trigger words in your Facebook ads campaign, you can get people interested in what you offer and make it much more likely that they will buy your product when they see it.

Use offers.

If you’ve been running your Facebook ads campaign for a while and sales are still low, consider offering a coupon or discount.

Facebook allows you to create a discount code that can be used in your ads. This can be a great way to boost sales without spending more money on ads and is a strong element of a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce.

You can create an ad that offers the discount or coupon, then select “discount” when creating your ad. This can be a great way to increase sales and draw attention to your products.

Promote current content.

If you have any current content, like blog posts or videos, you can promote them on your Facebook ads.

This can be a great way to boost engagement on your page and drive more customers to your products as part of a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce.

Use Dynamic Ad content.

There’s no doubt that video ads are a big part of Facebook’s ad ecosystem. In fact, they’re one of the top ways to drive waves of traffic to your website and increase sales.

Facebook’s video ads can help with ad strategy for eCommerce. By using video ads, companies can reach consumers in real-time, allowing them to engage with customers and show them a product more personally.

So how can using Facebook video ads help with a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce?

Facebook’s video ads allow you to reach your target audience in their natural environment. In addition, Facebook’s targeting capabilities make it possible to reach the right audience for you at the right times.

And because of the large number of Facebook users, you have plenty of options for reaching your target audience.

Moreover, Facebook ads for eCommerce allow you to target people based on their demographics and interests, which can help you reach specific groups of people that are likely to respond positively to your ad.

In addition to driving more engagement, video ads can provide another type of value for your eCommerce business — brand awareness.

When people see your product or service in a video ad, it conveys your credibility and trustworthiness.

This can have a powerful impact on your overall customer experience, which ultimately translates into higher sales via Facebook ads for eCommerce.

In short, you can use video ads to positively impact your traffic and revenue. And if you take the right approach, they could help you reach more people and boost your sales significantly.


Facebook stores and ads are a really great way to reach your customers and generate sales, as well as a great way to drive convertible traffic to your eCommerce website and increase brand engagement.

Creating an engaging Facebook store helps people discover new products, get relevant information and interact with your brand. 

The best part? You can do all this while promoting your products and generating new customers.

One way to increase the overall effectiveness of your Facebook store pages is by creating campaigns based on different types of promotions.

You can also implement a referral programme that compels people to share your page in exchange for a discount.

This will give you invaluable information about who’s interested in your products and how much they’d be willing to buy them for.

If you want to bring your eCommerce business to the next social media level, creating a Facebook ad strategy for eCommerce is a good idea.

It’s essential that you have a Facebook ad strategy that’s tailored to your own business and audience.


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