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With billions of users logging onto their applications daily, Facebook continues to be a behemoth in the realm of social media and online connectivity. Nowadays, it has evolved into a platform for businesses to set up and thrive alongside connecting friends and family. On its own, Facebook has its own kind of search engine optimisation, and ultimately its own advertising platform. This platform has made it possible for businesses to extend their reach through social media marketing tools. 

When it comes to the entire picture, any professional digital marketing agency in 2020 is continuously looking for ways to improve clients’ growth in advertising and strategic placement. However, what many don’t consider is taking a more comprehensive range of tools available online to maximize the fields of advertising. Facebooks ads management is an incredible tool that works amazingly well on its own, and meshing it with PPC services can do even more for a business. 

Why Facebook Ads Management Is a Necessity

In general, social media reaches a larger audience due to the user base available at all times. Daily use of social media is at an all-time high, and these numbers continue to grow each month. The most significant part about the platform is that social media marketing brings plenty of opportunities to interact with an audience than company website visits. Facebook was founded to provide a platform for easy communication and interactions and has gone above and beyond since.

Secondly, Facebook ads can redirect people into your online store with better optimization for sales and conversions. More organic visits and increased retention rates often mean improved site SEO, so having a correctly set up social media account will hike up site SEO ratings. Facebook ads management acts as a catalyst for visibility that can successfully promote business website growth. 

Lastly, Facebook ads have unparalleled targeting mechanisms. With the ability to tie into a user’s account details, ads can find a specific demographic and promote products and services. Targeting the right audiences is explicitly an essential part of what makes advertising successful, and Facebook ads management has shown this to be their strength. 

Why PPC Advertising Is Ideal To Run Simultaneously

Those who run into a Facebook ad are unlikely to convert instantly due to many reasons, which is typical with all advertisements. Not everyone sees an instant need for things, which is true for all kinds of promotional strategies. However, when the need arises, there is a point where someone will get a lightbulb moment and say, “Hey, I’ve seen this on Facebook before!” At this point, they are probably struggling to find the ad, which has been lost due to Facebook’s algorithms. The next ideal step is that they take to Google and search for your brand. 

When they remember your brand name through the Facebook ad, searching it on Google and finding that it appears instantly means that you have earned yourself a lead or conversion. This reason is the primary reason why investing in PPC management is just as important as any other advertising campaign. Running PPC advertising in tandem with Facebook ads is a great way to land increased conversions over time, as social media gives them an idea that your brand exists. 


Advertising is challenging, but when a comprehensive strategy is in place, the returns on investments can be generous. In digital marketing, various agencies invest heavily in a variety of tools to boost visibility and create better rankings on search engines. These tools can add improvements to the overall business brand identity by investing in a set of social media marketing agency services due to these platforms’ massive user base. 

408 Media is a premium digital marketing agency in the UK that is results-driven and offers various services backed by gathered data. Improving conversion rates, building better campaigns, and overall developing top-tier strategies is part of the game plan at 408 Media. Contact us today for more information on the creative process we provide each client. 



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