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Why You Should Optimise Your Facebook Campaigns – What to Know

Advertising on Facebook is one thing, but optimising your campaigns is a whole other ball game. If you want your ads to be effective and to resonate with your intended target audience, you need to make an effort to continually improve them. If not, you’ll find that results will decline fast, even with a hefty advertising budget.

Facebook campaign optimisation can help you achieve a higher campaign ROI, reduce your advertising spend, beat the competition, and of course, increase the number of conversions.

What is Facebook campaign optimisation?

Facebook campaign optimisation is simply the practice of fine-tuning your ad processes for better results. It’s not so different from the usual campaign optimisation with other advertising platforms. The optimisation involves experimenting with varying types of ad, adjusting your target, writing better copy, designing different ads, and so much more.

Why do I need to optimise your Facebook campaigns?

1. Combat ad fatigue

Every day, we’re inundated with a multitude of advertisements to the point that we’ve grown tired of seeing them. You experience it, and your target audience most likely does, too. If they experience ad fatigue, especially with your ads, they may stop noticing your campaigns when they pop up on their newsfeed. They stop clicking on them altogether. Plus, your ad campaign’s costs will skyrocket, given that you’re spending money on ads that don’t acquire any new customers.

2. Keep your advertising spend low

Every marketer’s goal is to get excellent results at a low cost, and Facebook ad optimisation can make that possible. It allows for smarter ad bidding, increasing your advertising ROI, all while keeping your expenditure reasonable. To make this happen, you would need to optimise your ad campaign in the setup process and not just later in the ad management process.

3. Reach your intended target audience

A study conducted by AdEspresso found that the campaign elements that affected a Facebook campaign performance the most are the following: countries, precise interests, mobile OS, age ranges, genders, images, titles, relationship status, landing page, and interested in.

These elements are directly intertwined with your target audience, meaning that the way you set up your targets can have a direct impact on your ad results. It’s recommended that you do deeper research on your prospects’ interests to better optimise your campaign. You can also create Facebook Saved Audiences so that you can cut the set up time in half. If you want to yield better results, you can also set up Custom Audiences and LookAlike Audiences.

4. Achieve a higher relevance score

Did you know that there’s such a thing called Facebook Ads Relevance Score? It refers to the score (a scale of 1 to 10) assigned to your ad, depending on how relevant it is to your intended audience. The higher your relevance score is, the less you’ll have to pay for an ad click. You’ll also have a higher chance of winning the bidding auction and having your ad shown to your target audience. By optimising your campaigns by way of A/B testing, you can have a better understanding of what’s relevant and interesting for your ideal customer.

Sick of non-effective campaigns? Optimisation is your answer. We are a Facebook Ads company in Crewe. Should you need help on optimising your Facebook campaigns, get in touch with us today, and receive a free audit!

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