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The importance of video for growing your business has touched new horizons in the modern world of advanced business technologies. The video enables the customers to understand your products in detail, quickly and convince them to buy your products or services! It’s effectively your new online salesman.

The conversion rate on the business web pages that have video are far greater than those that don’t. Video is the perfect medium to tell your story, whilst promoting your products and services. It is very important to communicate your brand identity to the public by using social media channels, due to the speed and ease of use.

Below are a few important points that will highlight the importance of video for promoting your brand and to growing your business. 

 1. How can you get started?

If you have budget constraints, then business videos for the low budgets can be recorded on mobile phone cameras, whilst the end result may be slightly less professional, these videos prove to be much more beneficial than promoting your business without a video.

Video offers a professional advantage with the help of motion graphics and other captivating features that could be added in the video at a very affordable and low price. But if your budget permits, you can add the latest features that require higher spending to get high quality animated videos for advertisement and social media content that have obviously stronger effects on the minds of the customers.

2.  Role of video for promoting your brand:

As a marketing manager or a business owner, you can put your story in front of your clients through a well structured video. The ingredients and the story of the video should be interesting and appealing to attract the attention of your potential clients.

Recent stats suggest that almost 80% of the internet traffic will be driven via video by the end of next year! This is because it is far easier to consume a video than read a blog post. In the modern fast paced world, attention spans are getting shorter and people don’t have the time to read traditional blog posts and newsletters where they have to read paragraph after paragraph.

The social media content attracts more attention from people as compared to other channels of communication. It adds more significance to the advertisement of your business by sharing your videos on different social media platforms that will drive traffic and result in more conversions. 

3. Making an effective video with without your own studio:

 It is quite easy to make a video for your business these days because of the tremendous video apps and various free online video editing services. The video attracts more engagement as well as offering extra reach on platforms like LinkedIn, facebook and TikTok..

 As mentioned before you don’t need to have a huge budget, a lot of free time or unlimited resources to make a video. The video quality of the iPhone, as well as the latest Android phones, is quite impressive, so the video can be recorded with the help of your smartphone.

After recording the video, it can be edited and you can add sound into the video as per your business requirements.

 The people who say they don’t have the time to make the video should consider the impact videos used well will have on the growth of their business. You can also go for live streaming or you can record a video and upload it through the preferred social media platform. It’s really that simple! 

 Two important factors that can be regarded as a hurdle in the way of making the video include the lack of knowledge and the lack of confidence. You can overcome both of these problems by using youtube to upskill your knowledge of video editing and boost your confidence by simply practising several times before you post your video to your website or social channels – We all have to start somewhere.

4. Our top 3 bits of advice for companies trying to make use of video 

First of all, you need to explore the market and analyse what the market is demanding. You can survey the trending demands of your market through different means such as personal interactions, by using the internet as a survey tool and analysing the available data . Then you have to identify your target customers and understand their needs.

The second tip is to bring an interesting story into your video that your customers can relate to. You can check out different brand stories and note how they are engaging with their customers.

The third important consideration is not to get scared of the video because it’s not going to bite you. Everybody gets nervous in front of the camera for the first time and they have a fear of the unknown in their minds. But you just have to overcome all these fears and insecurities and record your video with confidence.

5.  Future of the video in growing your business:

The role of video for growing the business has a great future if the current trends of social media continues to grow, which we are sure it will. It is suggested that the companies should consider building  a separate department for content creation and promoting the business through videos and visual graphics, in the same way they have a HR department. 

That valuable content can be shared on social media platforms to inform, to educate and to engage more customers.

We hope this article has helped you get an understanding of how to begin using video more effectively to promote your business and build your brand. 

To check out the full podcast this article was created from click here – https://anchor.fm/the-business-growth-show/episodes/How-To-Utilise-Video-To-Grow-Your-Brand—-EP-3-eb1iit



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