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The success of Instagram ads relies on understanding one’s audience. A marketer must use analytics and insights to analyse the preferences of the audience. They help in measuring the type of audience covered by a post at certain times of the day. This ultimately determines the volume of successful leads produced by a marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is a continuously shifting landscape. A company must keep up with the industry’s different analytical trends to remain competitive. Most marketers have focused their e-commerce business around Facebook. Recently, however, Instagram has proven to be a highly powerful tool in growing one’s business as well. E-commerce is, therefore, now slowly transitioning into integrating Instagram analytics to improve its social standing in the online platform. 

Some advertisers grow their audiences without paid ads. They appeal to customers organically by making sure that their content is of good quality. However, this strategy does not guarantee far-reaching results. It is ideal to take advantage of paid ads, promotions, and hashtags to be successful in the field of e-commerce. 

Here are some of the best tips on how to generate better leads through Instagram ads:

Combine Instagram audience types

A new approach to targeting audiences is the ability to combine all Instagram engagement types and time windows. This includes the engagement from messages, profile visits, and saved posts. Each engagement type may be viewed separately by pairs or as a whole. The strategy depends on what works best for the online campaign.

Set the time window within a short timeframe

About time windows, it is recommended to combine the engagement types within shorter periods. While custom audiences may last for 365 days, it is best to choose shorter options, such as 90 days or 20 days. Doing so produces more reliable statistics as to how well the audience is retained in every campaign.

Take advantage of data from Instagram video views

Marketers may also check the data from Instagram video views. Today, Instagram has a new IG watch feature, where account users may upload videos at longer lengths. Monitoring the views of these videos is a reliable tactic since not everyone is expected to go swipe up in their stories to transition into a linked website. On the other hand, more people watch Instagram story ads. It is ideal for creating an audience of video viewers within a seven-day timeframe.


Instagram provides opportunities for brand engagement, using comments and stories. Instagram analytics must be used and interpreted wisely to avoid targeting the wrong audience or wasting efforts that yield unproductive conversions. It is helpful to design well-crafted social media plans that are tailor-fit for a business to avoid these missed opportunities. 

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