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Instagram advertising is quickly becoming one of the prime fronts of digital marketing. Its access to nearly 2.7 million users and easy-to-use software has prompted big and small businesses to grab accounts. Likewise, many have found ways to integrate themselves into the application, be it through targetted advertisements or as a gateway to their business websites.

For a budding business, Instagram’s following may present a unique opportunity to reach a widespread scale, but the market competition remains heavy. To ease your way into the realm of digital marketing, here are four basic Instagram advertising secrets of having a successful ad campaign:

1. Set clear, distinct goals

One of the most important starting points for your ad campaign is to have a clear and distinct goal. This is because knowing what you want out of your campaign gives you a concrete measure of success to strive for. Do you want to boost your brand awareness, or grow your follower base? Are you looking to boost sales in a particular store, or of a particular product? These are some of the questions to start with before starting your campaign.

2. Develop a strategy for long term development

Keep in mind that your goals are only as good as the plans you make to achieve them. Building a particular strategy to best shoot for your endgame is a necessity to make your efforts worthwhile. When planning to meet your goal, don’t keep yourself satisfied with simply achieving the first goal on your list. Always think about the bigger picture, as short-term goals are merely temporary. Plan for long term development and create content that will prompt your audience to come back for more.

3. Know your audience

One of the most basic principles of marketing is “know your audience.” An integral part of planning is deciding which audience you’re targetting. Having an impressive advertisement is wasted on an audience that doesn’t understand it.

Know your target audience’s demographics, age, location, interests, and preferences to fully calibrate your ads. In terms of targeting systems, there are two options you can use on a platform: custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Custom audiences allow you to target groups who have interacted with you previously and are effective for reaching out to a customer base that has already shown an interest in your business. Lookalike audiences, on the other hand, target those who have interests that are close to other people who have expressed interest in your brand.

4. Showcase Quality Content

Quality content has two basic parts: impactful imagery and a clear message. The beauty of Instagram advertising is that quality content spreads on its own without you needing to put in much effort. Having beautiful and impactful imagery is a basic for any Instagram post to gain traction, and supporting it with clear advertising will promote your product quickly across the market.

Always remember that your posts reflect your brand and poor content quality reflects negatively on your business.


Instagram is a powerful marketing tool waiting to be used by the brave entrepreneur. The four simple and easy steps above provide the momentum to get you started, but the key to a successful ad campaign would be to follow-through with your efforts and leads. A successful business is not made with one successful advertisement, but by the continued efforts to evolve its marketing style with its users.

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