An ecommerce SEO agency
driving growth not
just traffic

An ecommerce SEO agency
driving growth not
just traffic

An SEO Agency dedicated to helping Ecommerce businesses achieve growth & success

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Worked with 408 for nearly 2 years now & extremely happy with both their work effort & the results they produce across PPC, Affiliates & SEO. Very effective team who are incredibly easy to collaborate with. Would highly recommend them.
A trustworthy and transparent digital marketing, PPC & SEO agency. Great communication and easy to work with. Highly recommended! Thank you!
I am responsible for a monthly online ad spend of £140k, I needed help specifically with Facebook ads and selected 5 top agencies in the UK each to manage a separate website/ad account to maximise our chances of success. 408Media wiped the floor with the other 4 agencies in all regards
A media agency with a refreshing approach, they are an extension of our team and deliver results but with an understanding of the over arching business strategy. Forward thinking, honest and always adding value. Highly recommended and deliver ROI with a simplistic approach. Very approachable and easy to work with.
408 Media and Darren helped our company build high quality and well performing campaigns both for search and product ads. Great communication, clear and upfront pricing and overall excellent and trustworthy service. Thanks guys!
Our first couple of months with 408 Media as our pay-per-click management company have been fantastic. When they took over our account, it was in a complete mess, the account has now been cleaned up and we are already starting to see an increase on results. We are still a long way off where we want to be but I am sure that 408 Media will get us there!
Knowledgeable, insightful and highly professional, 408 Media have been a pleasure to work with.
408 Media have met all our marketing needs in a very professional and reliable way. They are experts in their field. I highly recommend them and will be passing on their name to others for sure.
The 20-year partnership with the directors of 408 is due to timely deliveries, consistent service, and a willingness to innovate and try new approaches. 408's most recent optimisations led to turnover growing by 20%. The team acts as a partner whether or not a project is currently ongoing.
Excellent service & professional support.Adil is very knowledgeable and he has helped me take my business to the next level, you can tell this guy wants the best results for clients I would definitely recommend.
408 Media has got me amazing results. I am working with Adil & team for number of years and have seen an exceptional growth. They have gone and over and beyond for me and I look forward to working with them in years ahead. Highly Recommended
Adil and his company 408 Media have been working with us on various mid to large scale marketing projects for our various clients. Their team is very professional and highly skilled. The ROI results shown by Adil & his team have been tremendous and outstanding. Always available and ready to help, 408 Media should be the 'go to' team for any business's digital marketing objectives.
Been working with 408 Media for quite a few years now, and will continue to use Adil and Darren's expertise for many many more years to come. Nothing short of amazing. Most trustworthy and transparent ppc agency I have every worked with.
The best in the business! I have worked in E-commerce for 10 years and these guys really know their onions. Adil is the Adwords whisperer in terms of the results we are achieving year on year. Darren is exploring the world of Social media marketing and we have had some excellent results in the last 18 months. Their integrity and professionalism is unrivaled in their field.
We've been working with Adil and Darren for a number of years now and are really happy with the service. Can highly recommend to anyone looking for a results- driven team of experts to handle their PPC account. Thanks guys!
Contacted out of the blue a couple of years back now - something I wouldn't usually entertain - I found Darren engaging, immediately.I explained in no uncertain terms, the deep frustration I'd previously experienced when dealing with companies in the same field. Darren was attentive to our past experience along with our future aspirations and proposed a working relationship that would give him the commitment he was seeking, whilst affording us the ability to gain the trust we needed.Fast-forward to the present day and I would (and have) recommended Darren and his business to others. 408 Media are attentive, responsive, efficient, professional... it's a pleasure working with them.Highly
I have known both Darren and Adil for a number of years, and worked on many projects together with my own digital agency. Not only are both Darren and Adil experts in there field, they are transparent and act with integrity and more importantly they provide results. I have enjoyed great success with our collaboration working together and if you are a company that want results and company that act with integrity, then you won't be disappointed with 408 Media.
408 Media are great to work with. They are results driven and have brilliant communication and always respond quickly, which is so important to any business.
Highly skilled and results driven, it is a delight to work with 408 Media.
I can not speak more highly of 408 Media. They created a very successful growth plan for my business in January and we quickly started seeing very positive results. Both revenue and brand awareness has increased dramatically. Adil has worked hard on our google paid adverts and got us super results. Darren has headed up our social media campaigns on facebook and instagram again with very impressive results and an excellent return on investment. Your business will be in safe hands with 408 media. Darren and Adil really go the extra mile for your business and nothing is ever to much trouble. They become your own marketing team. Thus you can focus on other areas of your business and no longer worry about the maze that is online marketing.

Ecommerce sEO agency

As an ecommerce SEO Agency, we know that organic traffic is crucial to the success of ecommerce stores.

That’s why we focus on developing SEO strategies that drive organic traffic, improve search engine rankings and increase sales for online stores.

Our team is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals by providing expert ecommerce SEO services. Our expertise and in-house technology set us apart from other SEO agencies. We use a unique framework to drive growth, with a focus on delivering results that improve our client’s bottom lines.

importance of content marketing in SEO

importance of content marketing in SEO

As an SEO agency that specialises in working with ecommerce brands, we understand the importance of content marketing. We use content strategically, to attract users at various stages of the purchase funnel. This is a cost-effective way of building awareness for your ecommerce site. 

Our Ecommerce SEO services are tailored to meet the needs of each client we work with, personalised to their exact ecommerce website. We take the time to understand our client’s goals, target audience, and competition to develop a customised SEO strategy that will help your site climb up through search results. From category pages to product pages, our SEO strategy is comprehensive, ensuring every touchpoint is optimised to perform.

Our SEO team stays up-to-date with the latest ecommerce news, as well as SEO trends, techniques and keyword research, to ensure our ecommerce SEO agency is always delivering the best results.

Our ecommerce SEO services and strategies have helped clients achieve remarkable growth, with as much as 500% return on their investments.

In-Depth Analysis Reports

Our ecommerce SEO services are enhanced by comprehensive regular analysis reports, designed to empower you with critical insights and trend data. This proactive approach ensures you’re always informed, enabling you to make smart, data-driven decisions for your ecommerce business. Trust in our transparent process that not only keeps us accountable but also assures you that your business is advancing effectively under expert guidance.

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Any online business will benefit from an ecommerce SEO strategy and plan. Why? For the average business, 50% of your traffic will come from Google search. The higher your site is on search results, the more traffic it will get. And, more traffic means more sales.

Not necessarily. But, how much is 50% of your site traffic worth to your business? Probably a fair bit. So, it makes sense to leave it in the hands of an expert ecommerce SEO company. This will help ensure you get a good return on investment, better rankings and more business.

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In a nutshell, search engines look at 3 main things. Authority, relevancy and crawlability.

You don’t need to understand these things, you just need to understand that SEO is a way of helping Google better understand your site, by improving these 3 measures. Through a mixture of content and technical strategies, we improve your site’s authority, relevancy and crawlability.

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