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An aspiring entrepreneur in today’s digital age has a wide selection of marketing channels to choose from. Marketing online is much easier now than before, with numerous ways for service providers to interact with their audiences.

Engaging with online audiences is the key to success, whether you’re providing digital or onsite services. It’s a practice that’s becoming more common to all sectors, from hospitality to home building industries. However, the digital platform that most businesses are investing in are social media networks. With its expansive cache of online users, the opportunity for growth is massive to any aspiring business owner.

The impact of social media platforms on businesses

Technology is a major component of how consumers interact with service providers. For this reason, many people are adapting to the economic landscape’s preference for online transactions. The convenience of using digital networks encourages marketing teams to prioritise digital ad placements on social media platforms.

Social media’s growth over the years has gone through numerous developments, from being a way to interact with social circles to connecting consumers and brands. Its transformation into an effective business model to promote free advertising to consumers is one of its many advantages to start-ups and small business owners.

The wonders of free advertising in social media platforms

Developing your brand’s online presence is one of the key factors to success, which is why it’s necessary to invest in your social media. It’s a cost-effective platform that allows you to divert traffic from your socials to your main website in various ways. One practical way to utilise your usage of social media is by creating social media posts with compelling calls-to-action. This can be present on any platform, from Facebook to Instagram.

Another method is to develop blog posts that you can post either on your socials or main website. Producing these content pieces improves your search engine rankings organically. Since the investment for online free advertising is low and rewards are high, many businesses can use these strategies without spending too much from their marketing budget. Although they can mitigate losses on your financing, that doesn’t mean they provide the best results.

The value of paid advertising in social media platforms

Free advertising through social media networks will always have its limitations, mainly due to your current follower base. If you have a low subscriber count, it’s unlikely that your posts will garner a considerable reach. For this reason, social media platforms provide opportunities for business owners to cover a wider market.

Paid advertising works similarly to Google advertising by hosting your ads on particular search queries. However, the advantage of using paid advertising on social media networks is its specific range for a user base. Unlike search engines that classify searches through keywords and geo-targeting, social media platforms have more layers of classification in filtering who can or can’t view your ads.

The categorisation of online users from age and gender to location, occupation and more makes social media networks the best place to reach a specific demographic. Using paid social media ads will increase your marketing entryways to your sales funnel. Additionally, it will develop brand awareness even without online viewers clicking on your ads. This is why having ad placements on social media is a win-win situation for your marketing efforts.


Like Google advertising, paid social media ads aren’t as expensive to maintain. It’s a feature that’s present in all social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, so you need to know which platform your target demographic uses the most. Besides finding the right network to host your ads, you should connect with a professional paid ads agency to handle your marketing campaigns. Doing so will ensure that you won’t be spending aimlessly by hiring professionals to oversee your marketing efforts’ management.

It’s best to hire professionals in the industry to assist you in your marketing efforts. 408 Media is a UK-based PPC agency that ensures a boost for business owners’ online presence. Contact us to receive a free website audit today! 



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