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You have probably read about how Google AdWords can increase your reach and turn views into conversions. You have probably even launched a campaign or two. But a lot of marketing companies do not use AdWords to its fullest; some places prefer launching campaigns elsewhere because they are not getting the ROI they want.

This means you have an opportunity to fill a space that your competitors are not addressing. Beyond choosing niched-down keywords and writing persuasive copy, keep reading to learn what tactics you can use in your Google Ads campaign.

Target LinkedIn in Google Display Network

Managing your placements is an essential part of an AdWords campaign. But aside from targeting websites in related industries, you must include professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Something you may not have known is that you can save money by running your ads with GDN instead of on LinkedIn.

Aim for getting your ads on the site by using your Google Display Network settings. To do this, you must create a Placement Targeted Ad Group and specify LinkedIn as your target. When you go this route, your advertisements might also show up in the LinkedIn app, maximising your reach. This is the best website to target if you are a company that runs or offers B2B services and products.

Disqualify Leads

You read that right; disqualify! You need to use AdWords to find the clicks that will truly convert, that fifth of your audience that would give you more than half of your revenue. You can achieve this by choosing the right keyword.

For example, running an ad for “bridal shoes” is too generic. It casts such a wide net–this could mean women looking for nude pumps for their church ceremony, or it could be people looking for white, bejewelled canvas sneakers. Both are used by brides, albeit of different tastes.

Instead, you should opt for a keyword like “nude bridal heels,” or “bespoke bridal pumps.”  Those keywords disqualify women specifically looking to wear casual kicks on their big day. Because you get charged when people click your AdWords ad, disqualifying leads maximises your spending. If this proves a little tricky, you can always hire a digital media buying agency to help you with your lead generation and keyword planning.

Differentiate the Landing Page From the Home Page

No matter how witty or interactive your engagement ad, you are bound to lose conversions if you do not take care of the entire experience. From the time your viewer sees the ad, you need to orchestrate their activity up until they are faced with your call to action.

This means you have to lead them through the sales funnel after they click on your advertisement. Your home page, while a good summary of your company and brand, is not the next step down into a funnel. The advertisements on your campaign are targeted toward a demographic, so your landing page should serve to ‘welcome’ them.

Note that your Quality Score dips when your landing page talks about something you are not featuring in your ads. QS is an important part of Google AdWords management. Having a good score means you keep your cost per click down and your ad’s ranking up.

Mind the Mobile Site

Mobile has outpaced desktop computers are the preferred terminal of most Internet users today. Because we are in increasingly connected and on-the-go societies, ads that are adapted for mobile screens are more likely to be clicked than non-optimised ones.

Make sure you have a short, catchy mobile ad, and a landing page that matches. It won’t do to link your for-mobile advertisement to a desktop-optimised page; as much as possible, have a mobile landing page that gives a call to action that directly relates to what you are promoting. A paid search company can help you choose which aspects of your business to highlight in the campaign, as well as the calls to action that you should include.


Google campaigns are still some of the most effective, far-reaching ways to launch a product or service. But because advertisements have evolved from the simple banner ads of the past, marketers must adapt their practices as well. Keeping up with the algorithm will help you get your brand noticed by more people, and maintain a good number of conversions.

If you are looking for an AdWords agency in Crewe, get in touch with us for a free paid ads audit today. We work with our clients to produce focused, paid ads strategies.



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