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Why Choose 408 Media For SEO Services?


Regardless of whether you have a physical shop-front store with customers flowing in and out daily, or an online-only business where all of your business is digital, there will come a time when regular people will use search engines to discover crucial information about your goods and services online. 


To be seen online, you need to be at the very top of the priority searches. High online rankings mean that your customers and clients can quickly and easily find you, along with all of the information they need.


Our SEO services ensure you are correctly optimised, and your websites information ranks highly in the search engines and it shows up in specific and related searches from the keywords people use.

What this means to you is that your business will develop more substantial online visibility. Therefore, there is a higher probability of visits to your website and conversions to your goods and services.

15 years of experience in digital marketing




 408 media have over 15 years of successful experience in digital marketing across a plethora of industries. Including B2B, B2C and Ecommerce. 


We pride ourselves on professional and technical knowledge and execution of creating your online presence and knowing about your specific business area, which makes such a huge difference when scaling your business online for a profit.

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We are SEMRush qualified.



SEMRush is the market leader in SEO optimisation. We utilise their tools to gain competitor insights, giving you a streamlined and dependable strategy for us to strengthen your online rankings to make your visibility successful in online searches.



Having a SEMRush qualification means 408 media can:


· Provide critical essential data information on your competitors with paid and search strategies

· Offer keyword assistance and link-building suggestions which can drastically improve your SEO rankings


· Generate all relevant website audits to highlight critical digital issues, which can then be rectified and remedied.


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We are google premier partners.


A google premier partner is the highest level a digital marketing agency can achieve.


To qualify as a Google Premier Partner, we have to demonstrate and consistently meet Google’s specific requirements in three areas: certification, ad spend, and performance.

Our consistent requirements in these areas mean that we can implement all of our knowledge and expertise into your business to make your searchability, online visibility, and customer conversions into your home and outdoor business to make it the best it can be.


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Strategies Based on solid data, not theory!


408 Media, a digital company in Cheshire, specialises in helping ambitious home & outdoor living brands increase their eCommerce sales.


Our unique strategies use a solid data strategy to drive our direction. We do not implement anything based solely on theories alone. 


408 provide a complete end to end service which includes:


  • SEO audits 

  • Developing an SEO strategy

  • Content creation

  • On-page SEO

  • Off-page SEO (link building)

Performing all of these elements means that, as the business owner, you will be provided with a full-scale SEO strategy developed from a specific and rigorous data-set. This ensures that every component of the SEO execution is relevant and practical to get your visibility high in search rankings.



How 408 Media measure your success


408 Media will provide you with monthly reports to help showcase the performance of the SEO campaign.


The reports will not only give you an overall view of how your digital marketing campaigns are performing, but they will also highlight areas of improvement that we can further expand on.


With our 15 years experience combined with exceptional search engine optimisation experience, 408 media can increase the performance of your website.


Not only can these monthly reports give some insight into the performance of your SEO integrations, but they can also be a great tool to track growth in your business.



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