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Your social media strategy encompasses all the executions you perform on the various channels that you have. Furthermore, it involves both your organic and paid social media strategies. Considering this, you will have to take a look at each of these two divisions to improve the whole—something we’ll discuss in a little while. 

Before moving on to that, let’s first review the difference between organic and paid efforts.

What’s the Difference Between Organic and Paid Social Media? 

Organic social media mainly focuses on three items: brand awareness, customer service, and community building. 

Your organic efforts include the executions that are meant to widen your reach and increase the number of users who see and engage with your content. These also include responding to customer questions left as comments on posts or sent as personal messages. Finally, they cover your strategies to educate, entertain and keep both prospects and existing customers engaged. 

On the other hand, paid social media focuses on turning the people your reach into leads and, ultimately, paying customers. This is done through paid advertising—your paid advertising strategies drive website traffic as well as form submissions and other types of conversions. 

While they operate in different ways, they have similarities and can certainly work together well. In reality, integrating organic and paid social media is a smart strategy you must employ to maximise your efforts and get better results. 

Here are three effective ways to successfully unite these two branches and, as a result, take your social media strategy to another level: 

Strive for Consistency in Messaging

Your organic and paid efforts go after different goals and operate in different spheres. However, this does not mean that you cannot align their messages.

Striving for consistency will enable you to send a message that your audience will surely remember. It also makes your campaigns more striking and unforgettable. 

With that said, remember that your copies do not need to be verbatim across your campaigns. Rather, make sure that the key messages support each other. 

Be Intentional With Your Channels

When unifying your organic and paid efforts, you need to be mindful of the channels you are tapping. Doing so will allow you to optimise your efforts, make your strategies more effective, and maximise results. 

The key here is to use your organic performance as your reference. Use the insights you get from analysing your organic efforts to determine where high-yielding paid opportunities are.

Launch Retargeting Campaigns 

Some prospects may not convert during your first ad targeting campaign—you should know that this is normal! Sometimes, it’s not that they aren’t interested in your product or service offering. Rather, it could be that they need more persuasion or that the timing isn’t right yet. 

Considering this, it’s a smart practice to regularly launch retargeting campaigns. This helps you stay top of mind for your prospects until they’re ready to make a purchase. 


To truly turbocharge your social media strategy, it helps to stop looking at your organic and paid social media strategies as branches operating in a vacuum. While it is true that they serve different purposes and implement different methods, they can be made to work together. Following the three tips mentioned above is a great way to start integrating these two branches. With consistent effort, you’ll be able to achieve an overall social media strategy that is both cohesive and compelling in no time. 

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