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As a small business owner, you might get tempted to cut corners and take on the Facebook Ads management for your company. While doing this would bring you short-term gains, you risk losing more eventually, especially if you’re not familiar with how Facebook advertising works. 

With the recent updates in the reach of sponsored posts, you would need a combined knowledge of long-term strategy and tactical decision making, which you’d get if you hire someone who knows how to respond to changes like these. If you’re looking to hire someone to optimise your social media presence, here are a few things to remember.

Choose a marketer who specialises in Facebook Ads

Research the credentials of your prospective candidates and evaluate their portfolio. You want to get someone who has demonstrable experience in social media optimisation, so ask if you can see the work they had done for other businesses. Seeing their portfolio also lets you decide if they can emulate the tone and style of your social pages.

Tie your goals to a realistic budget

Finding the perfect Facebook Ads expert is only the first step. You also need to clarify your budget and the direction of your campaigns. The marketer you hire can help you organise this aspect of your strategy, but the overarching goals are up to you.

It’s vital to know your spending range and what you specifically want to achieve with it. Inform your marketer how you want the adds to perform and how often you want reviews and tweaks.

Know your Facebook expert’s game plan

You hired someone for Facebook Ads management because of their technical knowledge of advertising on the platform. They know this better than you, so allow them to come up with a game plan for your campaigns. Let him work on the finer details based on the output, but schedule a detailed review before you go live.

Stay in touch throughout the campaign

When you start a campaign, you can expect less than stellar results, which is a good thing. If your campaign has a lacklustre performance, you will learn who engages with your business. 

Your specialist will learn how to adjust your messaging, your post frequency, and even the tone of your ads to fit customer expectations. Let your marketer gather the data and let them make adjustments as necessary.

Review the campaign’s performance

Finally, it pays to review your advertising campaign’s performance. Your ads expert should know how to retrieve the data and analyse it, providing you with a high-level report that outlines what you need to do to get your ads to perform better. Constant monitoring and adjusting is the key to creating an effective ads campaign.


Various factors can complicate Facebook advertising. From identifying targets to setting up a campaign, running ads, and monitoring results, you need to know what to look for and how to elicit it from audiences. If you’re growing your business, you should hire a dedicated social media manager for your ads on Facebook. That way, you have an extra pair of eyes on your brand’s engagement through this channel, and you can maximise your presence on the platform.

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