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The Best Types of Audience For Social Media Remarketing – What to Know

Social media is a powerful marketing platform for all types of businesses today. Remarketing on social media platforms is a popular strategy to re-engage past clients and prospects, and if you’re thinking of doing it for your brand, you’ve come to the right page. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best types of audience for your social media remarketing.

Specific Landing Page Visitors

Users who have visited your landing pages are already interested and are familiar with your business. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to show them generic advertisements—they already know this. What you must do is to create a specific Facebook ad for that landing page that is relevant to that type of audience.

Set up a Facebook custom audience and install the Facebook pixel on your site. Set it up to target people who have visited specific landing pages and make sure to include the specific URLs.

Blog Readers

Your blog readers find your website through organic search, email, referrals, and many more, which makes them a valuable audience type. The thing with blog visitors is that they usually forget about you after their first visit. Even so, this type of audience is essential because they show interest in what you have to offer and you could turn them into a lead.

Recapture their attention by social media remarketing by using Facebook boosted posts to reach more people with your blog posts. This way, you warm them up to you again by sharing free content. A free e-book or a giveaway is also a great remarketing strategy.

Make sure to start your remarketing campaigns with soft sells, and don’t ask your audience to buy something right off the bat. Warming up your audience, especially your blog readers, is an effective way to catch their attention.

Previous Customers

Previous customers are the ones who know more about your product or service, and whether they like it or not, they’re ideally one of the best types of audience to target for social media remarketing. There’s always the sliver of possibility that they’re just too busy to make a re-purchase and you need to remind them that it’s time to replenish their stock.

Get creative and think about any upselling opportunities—because there’s always a way to upsell, even the ones who are not satisfied with your product or service.

Target previous customers by getting creative and launching upselling campaigns, promoting complementary products, and even offering discounter prices when they buy more.

Newsletter Subscribers

The thing with your newsletter subscribers is that some of them don’t open your emails, while the rest almost always open them. An effective way to remarket to inactive newsletter subscribers is to use remarketing and begin it with a soft sell. A quality blog post or a free e-book is a great way to soft-sell to remind inactive subscribers that, hey, you still exist. From there, you can create different ads and offers based on their engagement level.

Social media remarketing has proven to be an effective strategy to generate more leads and sales. Now that you know the best types of audience to focus your social media remarketing on, it’s time to plan your campaigns.

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