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Whenever your customer looks for a product on service on Google, there’s a mini bidding war that occurs faster than the speed of lightning full of advertisers fighting for their click. Ranking high on a search engine is one of the most effective ways to grow your online presence and, eventually, improve your sales. Given the stratospheric number of searches that occur on Google every second, your presence on the SERPs offers a prime opportunity to grab the attention of your customers.

Fortunately, some tools can help you with this—offered by Google themselves! Google AdWords is a wonderful way to get your clickable ads to your audience’s screens. Here are four reasons your company will benefit from using this tool:

Google Extends You Their Astronomic Reach

You know that a company has achieved unreal success when they’ve become a verb, and that’s precisely what happened to Google. People have turned to the search engine for years to answer their most burning questions; in fact, Google processes an outrageous 2 trillion searches per year. Per day, that’s over 5 billion searches.

With that sheer number of searches, advertising on the platform is a no brainer. Using Google AdWords to feature your clickable ad will bring customers one step closer to your business, making them prime for conversion.

Your Company’s Brand Recognition Will Grow

When you first hear of Google AdWords, you might imagine that it involves driving traffic to websites through pay-per-click ads that appear on search engine results. However, Google AdWords is capable of doing more than that.

With Google AdWords, your potential customers are regularly seeing your brand, tagline, your products and services, and whatever messaging you use to promote your company. The tool also allows you to focus on brand awareness by choosing to display your ad to more people instead of concentrating on getting their clicks. As people repeatedly see these bits about your company, they’ll be more encouraged to check you out—and that’s the whole goal of marketing, isn’t it?

The Data is Easy-to-Understand

Promoting your business involves a lot of trial and error, and sometimes, you can’t actually tell when something is going well or poorly. Even with the use of specific analytics dashboards, it’s hard to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Fortunately, the engineers behind AdWords are well aware of this. They have designed it to be simple and easy to understand. You can find out essential information such as the impressions, clicks earned, and your keywords budget. You can even use Google Analytics to see your website visitors’ behaviour to find out the pages they frequent the most.

You’ll See Fast Results!

Your digital marketing strategy likely factors in search engine optimisation (SEO), which serves as the foundation of high traffic websites. Those that have fought to appear on page one of a search feature content that is well-written with strategically chosen keywords. These are also websites that have racked up an impressive number of backlinks, which is the most crucial factor for ranking high. In fact, showing up on the first pages—especially as the first result—can take years.

AdWords helps you get there much quicker and much more efficiently. In fact, you’ll have the chance to vault over all the other organic results that have naturally made their way to the front page. You’ll grow your presence quicker, rank higher, and enjoy the clicks you’ve always dreamed of.


Getting your ads out there and making sure they reach the right audience can be challenging, but Google AdWords simplifies the process. Whether you’re a new business or have been struggling for years to get the front page, this handy tool is essential for achieving your SEO goals. Your brand will be at the forefront of your customers’ minds in no time.

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